Saturday, 24 March 2012

homemade bookmarks & hairclips

I love pottering around handmade markets and seeing how creative so many people are. I must admit though, my favourite thing to do at these markets is to find inspiration for my own handiwork. I often come across fabric covered buttons used for hair ties, earrings and clips like these.
For a long time I've been intrigued at how people make these, until I discovered the secret for myself one day!

Bookmarks and hair clips like these are so cheap and easy to make.
I just did a little hunting on ebay to find 'self cover buttons' and 'jumbo paper clips with glue pad', or 'hair clips with glue pad'.
 The buttons I bought came with the tool kit, which was very handy.
 Once I had all my supplies, all I had to do was grab scraps of my favourite material and get creating.
I think these make the perfect little gift for any occasion.


  1. These are so pretty! Really excited to be your new GFC follower.

    Rosie x

  2. love it! This would make a great Girl's Night craft! Pinning for future reference!

  3. Absolutely adorable. Just found your blog -- love it!! New follower :)


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